In-house League

The In-House League has been suspended due to operational difficulties.

In-House League Tournament

This year's In-House Tournament was very exciting with many new faces standing on the podium and receiving trophies.

The tournament was conducted on a double-elimination format.

In the First Division, a new comer to the club was crowned this year's Champion. A very talented player Sunny Xin came back from the losers side after Predrag Petrovic beat him in the winners side, he exacted revenge on Predrag later in the tournament. Sunny then went on to beat a much improved Wing Chu in the Final. Wing's efforts were to be applauded for receiving his first trophy after many years of trying. Also congrats to Gary Chuntz for coming 3rd. He played a very patient game in beating Predrag in the winners side.

It must have been disappointing for Predrag as he started well in the beginning by beating the eventual Sunny in the winners side, but when the two met again in the losers side, Predrag couldn't repeat his performance and lost in a tight match and was out of the tournament. Hope you'll have better luck next year Predrag.

In Division 2, we saw a new and unbeaten Champion in Russ Whiting, with a much improved performance beating Azza Ash in this year's Final, Well done Azza for making it to the finals. A big Congrats to Simon Stampatori, another new comer, for coming 3rd.

It just goes to show that no matter how young or how old you are, table tennis is a very enjoyable and social sport for everyone.

Thank you all for participating in this year's competition, practice hard and who knows, you could be next year's Champion!

From Left to Right:
Division 1: Gary (3rd), Wing (2nd), Sunny (1st)
Division 2: Russ (1st), Azza (2nd), Simon (3rd)

Sunny Xin

Wing Chu

Gary Chuntz

Russ Whiting

Azza Ash

Simon Stampatori

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